I'm Lauren I like lemonade and pickles. I like the boys in the band. I Stan for Britney, One Direction & MJ. #ZerrieIsFake #RIPMJ I want to change the world.

The only girl who has ever made me question my sexuality is Britney

I don’t like it when teenagers or really anybody calls Miley or Ariana or Selena the ‘Princess of Pop’ because that title belongs to Britney it always has and it always will. In her peak Britney wasn’t a superstar like these 3 girls are okay. She was a phenomenon. Nobody could touch her (not literally) she was everything. Everybody knew her name, everybody knew the songs that she sang. She was absolutely everything. She didn’t need social media or a lot of twitter followers to prove how famous she was. Her album sales, sold out tours, etc showed that. She was practically on every tv channel. It was unreal how popular she was. She didn’t need to be on a tv show or date somebody to become more famous. She was a teenager from a small town in Louisiana with a really big dream and she finally got to live it. She had lots of talent though many people say she can’t sing, she has one of the most unique voices out there. In her prime was was the BEST dancer in show business besides Michael Jackson. Britney achieved more than those 3 girls could ever dream of by the time she was 21 and she started her career right before she turned 17. She had unbelievable album sales, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, insane performances, legendary music videos, and more by the time she was 21. She danced with a live snake when she was 19 in front of the entire world and was told she was ‘inappropriate’. I feel like people forget just how huge she was. Britney became a legend before those girls even appeared on Disney and Nickelodeon.



Alright so in Sabrina the teenage witch the fucking cat was named Salem. Is that after the Salem witch trials that happened in Massachusetts way back in the day?




she would do the same with the vegas’ wigs smh…